In 48 Years Hours, You'll Recover your AD Accounts & Never Get Banned Again Using The Strange But 100% Legal "Attic Formula"

When you enroll in this course, You'll be shocked that such that a thing exist but has been hidden since 2015. No Bluff.

and with the 97.8% Success rate, I will give you N4,700 if it fails. 

503 Ad Accounts Recovered

Lets Start With A Question...

What is the first thing everyone including Facebook advices you to do when your ad account is disabled?

Submit a Review... 

But does that still really work in 2021? 

You know the answer already otherwise you won't be here looking for a solution. 

Don't even argue this. You just found yourself the ultimate, little known solution to recover an ad account and never get banned again....

BUT before we get to the details, I will like to ask you;


Since Your Ad Account Was Banned,

What Have You Not Done To Recover it?

You have submitted reviews upon reviews?

You've messaged Facebook's Customer Support?

You created a new FB account & got banned from ads? 

Even used Old Account but still got restricted?

Bought a new domain just incase the old one was blacklisted yet still banned?

You've even tried selling another product thinking its your product?

You also got a new laptop still no success? 

You've watched Youtube and googled all day but no help?

My Name is Joel Amawhe and I want to Declare that;

The "Attic Formula" Will Recover Your AD Account in 48Hours At Most

That's an Audacious Declaration. 

And after 10 months of testing,  I can make such a bold statement for TWO MAJOR REASONS;



Even though this could get me in trouble, I am going to prove to you with an Image how I discovered that Mark and Facebook knows the Attic Formula works but somehow didn't make it obvious for fear of abuse I think.

Now, look at this Image below... 

E shock you?

Do you know what it is?

That's Facebook Rejecting the first Ad I published to promote the Attic Formula Course. 

Did you read their reasons carefully?

Incase you didn't see the image, here's what they said,

"Ads must not use tactics intended to circumvent our ad review process or other enforcement systems. This includes techniques that attempt to disguise an ad's content or destination page" 

Is this not glaring proof that I've discovered Gold and our ad problems are over already?

2. It has 97.8% Recovery Success Rate 

That's some impressive statistics isn't?
Data do not lie. As at today, 503 persons have successfully recovered their disabled or restricted AD Accounts for whatever reasons they got banned in the first place

And I am going to show you some testimonies from them.

But before we go there, 


What is this Attic Formula & Can It work for me?

Good Question.

Simply put, the Attic Formula, is a set of two hidden and grossly overlooked tiny piece of the bigger Facebook Ads platform as a whole. 

You see ehn, in 2020 when my ad account was disabled, I was broken.

Why on earth should I be restricted?

It can't be the product because I have been selling same product for a year and have even spent almost N4M on this ad account. 

It wasn't funny at all. It was worse than having your cooking gas finish at the middle of the night. 

You can get mad at Mark as much as you want, but you know its either facebook or no where else.

What did I not do to get back?

First, I sent in an appeal like everyone does. 
After several weeks of waiting, nothing happened. 

I started doing some YouTube search and discovered that I could even chat with Facebook directly and I did that too.

In-fact, in the video I watched on Youtube, the narrator had his account reinstated in few minutes and I am sure you already understand how excited I felt trying to chat with them too. 

But still, nothing changed.`

Infact, the worst happened at time... my ad account has been permanently disabled. 

As a father of two with Facebook as my major platform to sell, I knew I was in deep shit. 

What Did I do next?

Created another account - Banned

Borrowed an old account - Banned.

At this point, I knew my village people had gotten to me. 

I stayed away from Facebook for a while and was even at the verge of deleting my account (in protest)

It was at this point, that I struck Gold. 

Finally, I discovered there was a series of steps that must be taken in a particular order. 

One of those steps really struck me that I started reading about how the banning bot works. 

So I decided to implement and in few minutes I had ads running and till now (10months now), I'm still here. 

It is the series of steps with a mix of my experience trying to get back that makes up the "Attic Formula" and yes it works. 

Its called the Attic Formula because a major step requires using a very tiny feature / part of the Facebook ads platform and as you may know, an attic is usually a small tiny safe house of some sort in a building. 

In-fact, my wife and a few friends had been testing this too and yes everyone's fine.  
On the average 503 persons have used this Attic Formula.

I could beat my chest to say the Attic Formula has a 97.8% success rate. 

But, is 10months testing period enough to make such a claim?

Well, I don't know for sure and this is why I have decided to test this a bit more with you and a few more persons in short 16 minutes video course with a guarantee - if it fails, I will refund you 100%  

I am giving you a brand new video course on;

The Attic Formula for Recovering Disabled Ad Accounts in 48hours Max.

This is a straight to the point 16mins video course where I reveal how to recover a disabled or restricted  Ad Account using the strange but 100% legal Attic Formula in 48 hours or less.

This is faster than just submitting reviews. 

In this 16 mins Video,

You'll Discover 3 Strange Secrets you Never Imagined Were Possible.


You'll discover the tiny and hidden piece of the bigger facebook ads platform only a few now uses to Recover Disabled Ad Accounts in less than 48years...sorry....48hours. This is faster than just sending a review.


I will show you one little Facebook Tool you must use for at least 5 weeks before you run ads on the Facebook Ads Platform. This is not warming up with posts, etc. This will ensure you never get banned again even if its a new Facebook account.


You'll discover why all your efforts to run ads have failed and why the Attic Formula is superior.

CRAZY Right?

This course is easy to follow and wastes no time in going straight for the jugular.

Its zero risk & easy to implement and dosen't require any extra technical skills. This is the entire, workable system that I have used over and over again.

No filler or fluff.

Just know this...

This isn’t some course filled nonsense outdated airy-fairy ‘theory’, no.

This stuff has been working since 2020 and its still working till now.

Get ready to be shocked. 

You don't have to beleive me...

See Testimonies for Yourself

I fully understand that you are likely skeptical.

Cause the internet is littered with phony “gurus”.

Who sell you nothing more than empty promises.

So I don’t expect you to blindly take my word…

This is why, I'm passing the Microphone instead to real people like you who've recovered their AD Accounts using the Attic Formula.

"Remember Joel said 48hours, but it took only an hour"

- Racheal

"In Less than 1 worked like magic"
- Teddy

"I have been able to run ads again without being blocked"

- Teddy

N4,700 N6,300

Okay...talking about Cost;

What does it cost to Get the Course & Recover my Ad Account?

There's absolutely nothing you need to buy to use the Attic Formula.

And for the cost of the training, this where I am supposed to start preaching. 

I am supposed to start listing out all the different parts and putting a price on them just to make you feel like its a lot of value

But I won't do that.

You already know what having an active facebook ad account means for your business.

And all you need pay today to make that happen is;


Ridiculous Right? I know. 
You're not the first to think that way - even my wife wasn't happy I am giving all that for such low price.


It's supposed to be my trade secret and if I am giving it up, it should be worth it but every valuable thing do not have to very expensive. 

Or WAIT! You think its too expensive?

If that's a question you're asking yourself right now, then perhaps you should get a pen and paper and calculate how much you've lost or not made with your ad account restricted.

How about the emotional distress?

And How many more of your friends will you beg to give you their accounts? 

Is a one time fee of N4,700 not even too small to make all of that go away?

You know what is more?

I am backing up this price today with my;

1 Week “try it, test it, apply it” money back guarantee

If you’re on the fence… Or if other trainings have left you skeptical…

Then I want to give you EVERY opportunity to put the Attic Formula into action and experience how easy you can recover your Ad account Today. 

That’s why I’m saying even though you only need 48 hours to see results I am giving you 1 Week to go through the training, and apply the Attic Formula to Recover your Ad account.

Otherwise, I refund your money 100%. 

You know what?

Don't Trust - DARE ME Instead. 

Okay, its N4,700 right? I'm ready to Enroll

I'll Explain How To Enroll in a Sec, BUT

Here's a Disclaimer [MUST READ]

  • I cannot guarantee that Facebook will never take down the Attic Formula especially when when its abused by many persons but be rest assured it currently works now in 2021.
  • The Attic Formula is much more effective when used on an Android Device than an iPhone or Web.  
  • The Attic Formula cannot recover Permanently Disabled Accounts. Once an account is disabled permanently, there's nothing else you can do. If this is the case, then you'll need the Plan B I taught in the course. This will help you get back and never get banned again. 

Now that we're clear, here's

How to Enroll - N4,700

You can either decide to Make Payment Via Direct Transfer or Via Debit/ Credit Cards using our secured Payment Partners. 

While Paying Via Card gives you access Immediately, the Bank Transfer option could take up 30mins as we'll have to manually enroll you. 

To Get Bank Details or Pay Via Card, you need to first provide your details especially an email address. 

To do this, kindly click on the button below and follow the steps from there. It won't take more than 3mins. 

NOTE: I'm putting myself at risk for promoting this. This means, I could take it down anytime. So ACT NOW.

You Have Questions?

Here are Questions Marketers Like You Asked Before they Enrolled

What tools do I need?

Bring just your disabled account, a smartphone, a towel around your waist and your four eyes. hehehe...I am kidding but you literary need nothing special. Just a smartphone with internet is just fine.

And Oh wait, you need four eyes because its going to first sound stupid.  

Will I get a refund if it fails?

Absolutely. You've got nothing to loose.

You have further Questions?

WhatsApp  +234 811 435 7028.

Who's this Joel on Demand Guy Anyways?

And can you Trust me?

My Name is Joel Amawhe and this is where I am supposed speak very highly of myself.

I am supposed to start telling you about how I spent the past 11 years building million dollar business, won awards from both governments & private orgs, and how I represented Nigeria at GITEX DUBAI. 

I could also tell you I've been on Channels, Vanguard, Reuters, etc. and even spoken at TEDx but none of that matters and doesn't justify trusting me

After all, how many fake gurus and online marketing “experts” are all over the place, making all kinds of promises and claims?

I totally agree with your skepticism, here.

In the online marketing space, there are too many “experts” who don’t really know what they’re talking about. People who have only ever made any income by promising to teach other people how to make money…

But perhaps this will ease your mind;

The Teaching model I operate is Test, Test & Test then Teach so I am only showing you what I do myself.

I discovered the Attic Formula not from books or courses and I'm happy to share it because its evergreen and c'mon, what do I have to loose?


Don't Miss Out On It.