How to Find & Import Highly Sellable Products That Nigerians Will Rush You To Buy Using the “7 Mafia Algebra for Product Research”

I am finally revealing my superior model of only selling products that are scarce & problem solving that you can buy for N500 - N1000 & sell them for N6K either from China or within.

So that with all due respect, you can finally stop selling rubbish and make real money

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Truly, only a few right products is all it takes to blow in ecommerce.

If you see the way “rice and stew” was very plenty during my marriage, you’ll think it was a big man's wedding. But far from it!

Unknown to everyone, 2 & half months earlier, my wife & I had quietly done sales of exactly N6,745,900 with the 2 products that I got from using the 2nd & 5th formula inside the “7 Mafia Algebra for product researching“

Those were the words of Mr. Shedrach, an ex police man who started ecommerce only last year.

I am making you a promise today...

I will make you fishers of Sellable Products only if...

You keep reading.

You see ehn, for Mr. Shedrach...


  • This same Shedrach had lost about 700K on importing products that just gathered dust in one corner. 
  • He was selling almost every shiny thing that had no WOW factor and wasn’t solving any problem
  • He was importing very expensive products to sell in a country where food takes the 1st, 2nd and even 3rd place (not like his products cured HIV)
  • His products were not unique and even worse, were very saturated such that people were even selling them on for less.
  • He was simply blowing money on Facebook ads and posting everywhere on his WhatsApp status trying to force his crappy products on people.

Hi, My Name is Joel Amawhe and

If you’ve been struggling to sell physical products,

Then the video I am about to hand to you is the best video you’ll watch as far as E-commerce is concerned

But before we go there,

With All Due Respect,

Stop Selling Rubbish

Look, the problem might not really be Facebook ads….

It's most likely that you’re selling what I call...

The Unsellable Suffer-Head type of Products.

You see, within the past 11 years of being in the tech space and 3 solid years of doing ecommerce, I have sold the good, the bad and the ugly.
I have watched the Nigerian and African market and I know what will sell and what will not.

All of this means, I can point you to a particular product and be rest assured it will even sell itself. 

Not to brag, but I have been so successful at selling products that I can almost tag every product to a major achievement in my life right from when I had my first daughter.

All of this is possible because I have a predictable system with which I use to churn out only a unique set of highly sellable products consistently.

Its simple and very efficient
And I have decided to share this publicly.

For one major reason...
As you may already know, I am the proud inventor of SWOF - the Smart Wholesale & Order Fulfillment System for Selling in Bulk really fast, getting paid upfront and doing free deliveries.
I’ve got a surprise on this so hang on.

Now, over 80% of the 1,700+ sellers who uses the SWOF model has always asked for a better way to...

Find and import sellable products and not the push and start products that they sell.

SO I decided I was going to grant their request and for the first time ever, I am... 


The 7 Mafia Algebra For Finding Sellable Products That Nigerians Rush to Buy

A systematic set of rules and tools that help you discover highly sellable products that sells themselves in 2021. 

In this step by step video training,

You'll watch me use each of the 7 Mafia Algebras to find highly sellable products and

how to import them or source them locally with very minimal capital. 

Look, the 7 Mafia Algebra is so underrated even though

It's at least 34 years old. Yea 34 freaking years old!

and for the past 2 years that I have been using it, I've made at least 27M from the products I got from it. Believe it or not.

Not to brag, but the Gym house, real estate & others that I have invested in all happened through those products.

With every fiber in my bones, I am saying...

There's no way you'll not sell by the time I am done with you. That's a guarantee.

Look, we're not just looking for any type of products, we're looking for products that meets the following strict criteria of sellable products that my students & I have had the most success with.

And Here's the Criteria for

Sellable Products That Nigerians Rush to Buy

  • Product must be less than 1KG weight. Bulky and heavy items means expensive shipping and we always avoid that.
  • Product must be evergreen and not seasonal. Seasonal products are super risky especially when your sales systems isn't really solid enough to sell off before the season is over.  
  • Product costs must be less than N1,000 to Import/Buy & Can Retail for N7,000 Maximum. If you're one that loves quick turnover like me, then this is key especially with the economic crisis
  • Product must be unique and scarce and not the type that you can buy from any local store or even get on so easily 
  • Product must solve a problem or at least has a WOW factor. You know why Power Bank sold like wildfire when it first came out? Its because it solves a huge problem. We only sell Painkillers & must-to-haves not Vitamin C or nice-to-haves
  • The Alternatives to the product Must Not Be Cheaper , Easier, or Better. This cost me nearly N250,000. I can vividly remember some funky watermelon slicer, knife sharpener and phone holder that I imported and couldn't sell even 30%.
  • Product must not have many color or size options.  
  • Product must not be breakable or fragile. This mistake alone cost me N300K when I started earlier.  

The BIG Question NOW is;

How & Where DO I Get Such Products to Import and Sell?   

This why I've put together this video course to teach you step by step on how to get such products in the most systematic way using the 7 Mafia Algebra. 

This will be the single most important training you'll ever undergo as far as selling products is concerned because... 

In this 4 Hours Training,

Here's What You'll Learn: 


The Ground Rules For Getting Successful Products

This is where I lay the foundation and expand on the rules to follow in using the 7 mafia algebra to find sellable products.


Watch Me Find Products Using The 7 Mafia Algebra

Here you'll watch me find multiple products as I  walk you through the entire system 


Watch Me Get Suppliers from china or locally

After getting the products, I will show you how to get suppliers as well.


I am also going to show you the entire list of all products that made me N27,000,000 the past 3 years.  



As you'll expect, my wife is also an e-commerce entrepreneur

She is popularly known as Tammy D Ijawwife.

She has a private telegram channel where she recommends sellable products using the 7 Mafia Algebra.

Part of what she shares on each product includes; 

  • Product Videos
  • links
  • Interests to Target on Facebook
  • Reasons to sell the recommend products, etc

She charges N5,000 Monthly for this

We just had our third child, Jayson and for that occasion

 I am paying for the first month for the first 100 persons to signup.

What if you don't know anything about E-commerce?

I gat you! 

I am giving you access to everything you need to know about Mini Importation.

Yes, I mean everything. This alone is worth N50,000 but I am giving you for free.

This includes;

  • The Exact steps I took to start E-commerce with less than N30,000 without a website. Yes, that's correct.
  • Using to find suppliers
  • Checking for fake suppliers and products
  • Creating Sales Funnel / Websites. This Gold especially as it comes with free already made templates.
  • Setting up highly converting Facebook Ads
  • Contacts of my Chinese Procurement Agents  
  • Contact of the shipping company I use (2 weeks maximum)
  • Calculating your costs and profits even before placing your order
  • and the list continues...

And that's still not all...

Because If you finally get a good do you sell it fast?

Great Question!

Now, if you know me quite well, you should already know that I only sell in BULK.

Yea... I mean 20pcs, 40pcs at once.

I'm so good at it that I invented a system known as SWOF that does the following crazy things;  

  • Target People who buy in BULK and resell offline without spending a dime on ads from my pocket.
  • Get the bulk buyers to pay upfront thereby skipping the pay on delivery wahala & also raising capital to market & import.
  • And the craziest is that I run free deliveries anywhere in this country with the same model

This is everything you need to sell super fast and rake in millions.  

Over 1,700 sellers got this system for N11,300 but...

I am going to do something I've never done before

and you'll only find out when you finally Get Access to the 7 Mafia Algebra for Product Researching.


You missed out!

Okay...lets talk about cost.

What is the Investment here?

We're both business people so lets talk about the cost of getting this training.

You know, this where I am supposed to start preaching. 

I am supposed to start listing out all the different parts and putting a price on them just to make you feel like its a lot of value

But I won't do that.

You already know deep down what it'll mean for you to get a high sellable products that will even sell itself

I am giving you Everything in the 7 Mafia Algebra for


Ridiculous Right? I know. 

You're not the first to think that way - even my wife wasn't happy I am giving all that for such low price.


It's supposed to be my trade secret and if I am giving it up, it should be worth it but every valuable thing do not have to be very expensive. 

Or WAIT! You think its too expensive?

Think about what getting at least two sellable products every month would mean for you?

Imagine you're able to get a product for N300 each unit and then sell for N6,000?

What that means is that with just N90,000 capital, you can make as much as N1,800,000 if you buy just 300pcs. 

Even if you buy only 100pcs, that will be N600,000 with only 30,000! 

Honestly speaking, will paying NGN8,700 not even seem like you robbed me? 

Believe it or not, paying for this course is the best investment you'll make in your business. Trust me.

You know what is more?

I am backing up this price today with my;

100% Refund Guarantee.

If you’re on the fence… Or if other trainings have left you skeptical…

Then I want to give you EVERY opportunity to put this course into action and experience how easy and exciting it can actually be to Find and Import highly sellable products.

That's why I am saying, if you purchase this course and within a whole 60days, you don't get at least 1 hot product that makes you 100times the cost of purchasing this course, 

Kindly send me an email with your honest feedback and I will refund your money back 100%

I’m SO confident that if you implement what you learn inside of this course you’ll conistently find hot products and sell super fast. The only thing you have to do is suspend your disbelief and give it a chance. You have nothing to lose and tens — even hundreds — of Hot Products to gain.

You know what?

Don't Trust - DARE ME Instead. 

Oh! One more thing...

The N8,700 price is only valid for purchases between now and September 19th, 2021 when the course will be launched. 

I will take this page down and increase the price to N12,700 after the launch date.  

Okay, its N8,700 right? I'm ready

How to Access the Training - N8,700

You can either decide to Make Payment Via Direct Transfer or Via Debit/ Credit Cards using our secured Payment Partners.

For Direct Bank Transfer (Nigerians)
You'll get bank details to transfer to after placing your order for the training using the link bellow. 

*Kindly send payment screenshot to 08114357028 on WhatsApp. You'll be granted access upon confirmation.


You Have Questions?

Here are Questions Sellers Like You Asked Before they Enrolled

I'm not Computer Savvy, Can I do this?

Absolutely. If you can create a Facebook account, you can do this. On the average, my students implement in 1 week and begin to get their first bulk sale.

What if I don't have Goods in Stock?

Nice Question. This where SWOF even rock the most. Provided you have a product in mind to sell, you can easily get SWOF BULK Buyers to pay upfront which gives you time and capital to ship. Not the Pre-order style. 

Apart from course fee, DO I need to spend anymore?

As shocking as this may sound, much of what you need is either free or cheaper than a crate of Pepsi

Is this about creating pre-order groups?

Not at all. This is no pre order groups as some people do. In-fact, if it turns out that you already do what I teach, I'll refund your money

Will you sell my goods for me or what?

Not exactly. What I am giving you is even better than selling for you. I am teaching you a new superb strategy to sell your goods yourself in bulk quickly. That way, you don't need me anytime you need to sell.

Is it a platform, website or what?

No. Its a step by step video course where you'll learn how to setup the Smart Wholesale System for yourself and even make money doing it for others.  

Is there a group / support for students?

Absolutely. I'm not leaving you high and dry.

We have a Facebook group where you can meet other students and get to ask me questions during our Live Q/A sessions. 

I also run weekly Q/A Sessions where students gets to ask me anything.

You have further Questions?

WhatsApp  +234 811 435 7028.

Who's this Joel on Demand Guy Anyways?

And can you Trust me?

My Name is Joel Amawhe and this is where I am supposed speak very highly of myself.

I am supposed to start telling you about how I spent the past 11 years building million dollar business, won awards from both governments & private orgs, and how I represented Nigeria at GITEX DUBAI. 

I could also tell you I've been on Channels, Vanguard, Reuters, etc. and even spoken at TEDx but none of that matters and doesn't justify trusting me

After all, how many fake gurus and online marketing “experts” are all over the place, making all kinds of promises and claims?

I totally agree with your skepticism, here.

In the online marketing space, there are too many “experts” who don’t really know what they’re talking about. People who have only ever made any income by promising to teach other people how to make money…

But perhaps this will ease your mind;

I DON'T Make MONEY from teaching people how to sell. 

I run my own product selling business alongside my other interest in real estate (i.e invented myPadi 2016), agric, and growth hacking.

The Teaching model I operate is Test, Test & Test then Teach so I am only showing you what I do myself.

I invented SWOF not from books or courses and I'm happy to share it because its evergreen.


Don't Miss out on it. 

Did you Just Scroll here?

In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the letter, here's the deal:

I have a system that I use to find and import high sellable products that Nigerians Rush to Buy

That system is called "7 Mafia Algebra for product Research"

I have created a course to teach it to you. 

In addition,

I will add you to my wife's telegram channel where she recommends hot products to import. 

And if you don't know how to sell,

I am also giving you a special offer to access my SWOF system that exposes a secret way to sell in bulk very fast. 

All you have to do is pay just N8,700 between now and September 19th when the course will be launched. 

And if after going through, it doesn't work,

I promise to refund your money 100%.